past exhibition
Caroline Clerc
A similar effect
01.02.16 - 01.30.16

Opening reception: Saturday, January 9, 6 - 10:00 pm

“A similar effect” is an exhibition of new photographs by Los Angeles based artist Caroline Clerc. Formed during an artist residency in Norway, this work posits landscapes. Photographs taken from walks are reconstructed to create new artificial, yet familiar, landscapes. The vista becomes abstract as the landscape is formed anew; the photograph is realized as collapsed sculptural space. This work points to the history of painting and landscape photography, exploring the landscape as a complex site of recognition and cultural construction in which the perspective fluctuates between the unstable and the coherent.

Caroline Clerc is a Los Angeles based artist and educator. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles and nationally. Her MFA is from University of California, Santa Barbara. Residencies include Obracadobra, Oaxaca, Mexico; Millay Colony for the Arts, New York; and the Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale, Norway.

Exhibition supported by Nordic Artists Centre Dale.

Jan 2 - Jan 30, 2016. The exhibition will be on view Saturdays, 12pm-4pm and by appointment.

past exhibition
Shiva Aliabadi and Allison Peck
12.12.15 - 12.29.15

Opening Reception: Saturday December 12, 7-10pm

This exhibition is rooted in the action of observing and responding. We think of Elephant not as an empty space to be filled, but as a place imbued with the energy of its resident artists and of all those that congregate each month to take in curious objects.

Colors, patterns, gestures, and forms are taken up, turned over, and reflected in Aliabadi and Peck’s sculptures and ephemera that briefly inhabit the space. There will be many places to start and no points of origin. As they create from within and among the frames of the gallery, the lived space, the neighborhood—bringing the outside in and putting the inside out—Aliabadi and Peck also build on each other’s practices, maintaining fluidity and flexibility as one acts and reacts to the moves of the other. A kind partnership. A progressing interaction.

Aliabadi and Peck’s work reflect a site-responsive, back and forth process where gestures reflect, influence, and generate each other. The artists use each other’s practices as frames for their respective installations. Both separate and together, their works reveal precarious testaments to the gallery space.

The exhibition will be on view Saturdays, 12pm-4pm and by appointment.